I’m Tehrene—a former veggie-hater (I still can’t get down with beets!), #plantlady-in-training, dog mom, and journalist. My day job and passions go hand-in-hand: I cover food trends, science-backed nutrition, and all things wellness for some of your favorite health sites. And that’s exactly why I created Green Being Wellness: a place of my own I can continue sharing what I love. Consider it your go-to guide to how to live more plant-based, cruelty-free, and compassionately, all while bettering both your and the animals’ well-being.

But first, some background.

I grew up in a super-tiny town in Iowa, and until about two years ago, everything on my plate was an animal product. Like, the only vegetables I typically ate were sweet corn and white potatoes—everything else was meat, eggs, or cheese. Lots of cheese. And, I had a glass of milk at every meal like a true Midwesterner. Today, I eat a totally vegan diet and am still learning the ropes of being truly healthy as I go. Sure, I’ll eat my greens, take my vitamins, and exercise on the regular—but I’m also obsessed with French fries.

As I’ve gotten older, what I’ve realized is life isn’t about being perfect—even if Instagram makes it seem that way. Being perfect is actually the worst. It’s about trying to become better over time and working on developing habits that lead to a real lifestyle change, not just a quick fix. With that being said, what’s my plan? Taking things one step at a time and sharing what I learn along the way. So shall we go on this journey together?